To appear on the NYP Events Wall Chart which will be sent to all members and local businesses, please select your requirements. Thank you for sponsoring NYP Tri Club in this manner - we aim to work with our local businesses to raise both ours and your profile in a fun way - keep those stories coming in for regular posts and publicity to FB.

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Options Individual Charachter (as many as you wish) (50) Flag - bearing Company Logo (150) 4 Marquees Available (bearing Comany Name/Colours/Logo) (250) 3 Vehicles AVailable (bearing Comany Name/Colours/Logo) (300) 1 Main Marquee (Larger than others and bearing Company Name/Colours/Logo etc) (350)

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At we look forward to hearing from you. Our event has grown from listening to your feedback and our new website offers more opportunity for you to contact us and speak to each other than ever before. Remember you can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter. View our pictures on Flickr and watch our videos on YouTube.

If you have any general enquiries for NYP Tri or to ask for an announcement of the day please fill out the form below and click "Submit." We will get back to you as soon as possible.